A business coach sparked outrage saying he pulled his kids out of school because the teacher was '200 pounds overweight'

  • A business coach said a teacher was not "an inspiring human being" due to their weight.

  • Kris Krohn received backlash and multiple viewers called him out for body-shaming the educator.

  • In a later video, Krohn encouraged parents to consider homeschooling their children.

A business coach who said he pulled his kids out of school because of their teacher's weight received backlash online as many criticized the father for his body-shaming comments.

On October 7, Kris Krohn, who is described on his website as a real estate investor, business coach, and author, posted a TikTok where he said he had pulled his kids out of school after he had attended a parent-teacher conference, as the teacher was "200 pounds overweight."

Krohn said he had told the teacher they were "low energy" and "depressed" and they were probably spending more time with his kids during the day than he was, so he was "concerned with the amount of influence" they were exerting as he said they were not "an inspiring human being."

He went on to say "most teachers actually are uninspired" and that they were underpaid but had job security, and felt "the whole system is wrong." He said he would personally employ teachers who were "the coolest, most experienced, fittest."

The video received 350,000 views and over 800 comments, which featured a mixed response.

While some appeared to agree with Krohn's sentiment and wrote they too wished they could specifically select who taught their children, others criticized Krohn for judging people on their physical appearance, and for drawing parallels between a teacher's weight and their ability to perform their role.

"I'm overweight and a great teacher! I may not be cool and fit but I'm really good at what I do. You make some great points but lost me on weight shame," one viewer wrote in a popular comment.

Multiple users stitched Krohn's video to share their reactions, including a TikToker who goes by @mightymurphinfash who dubbed his comments "ignorant and asinine." Another who goes by @nativeskin78 said Krohn's words and actions are "disgusting and appalling" and called Krohn and those who supported this perspective bullies.

On October 19, Krohn posted a follow-up video with a caption that read "Why Your Kids Teacher Is So Important" where he encouraged viewers to question the qualities of teachers to decide if they were the right mentor for their children, and if not, to pull their children out of school. In another video, Krohn also encouraged viewers to consider homeschooling their children.

In recent months, some educators have taken to TikTok to share the struggles of being a teacher, often using the hashtag #teacherquittok, which has over 351 million views, to highlight issues such as overcrowded classrooms, low pay, and a lack of maternity leave, Insider previously reported.

On TikTok, people have called out various different instances of fatphobia and body-shaming in the past, ranging from resurfaced footage of old TV shows to current experiences shared by creators.

Those with higher BMIs are mostly likely to encounter weight stigma, also known as fatphobia, which can have a significant impact on people who are discriminated against, making them more prone to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and death, Insider previously reported.

In May, New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed a bill listing weight and height as protected characteristics, essentially banning discrimination against people's body sizes when it came to employment, as well as housing, and public accommodation, the Associated Press reported. It joins other US cities such as San Francisco and Washington, DC, who have introduced similar bans.

Krohn has 1.2 million followers on TikTok, where he shares videos on personal finance and physical exercise. He did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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