Business Calendar: trouble in crypto-land

STORY: From a long-awaited UK fiscal plan, to deepening trouble in the cryptoverse, these are the business and finance stories to watch for in the days ahead…


UK finance minister Jeremy Hunt unveils his plans on Thursday.

His mission is to restore confidence in policymaking after the brief, tumultuous premiership of Liz Truss.

A package of tax hikes and spending cuts is expected.


Crypto investors have their eyes fixed on the FTX meltdown.

The troubled exchange commenced bankruptcy proceedings in the U.S.; CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has resigned.

A rescue by rival Binance fell through, sparking a new plunge for bitcoin.


Investors will watch for more signs of big trouble at Big Tech.

Recent days have seen sweeping job cuts at Twitter, Meta and others.

Traders wonder if the industry faces a growing downturn.


After a welcome surprise on inflation, U.S. retail sales numbers will be closely watched on Wednesday.

A strong number might suggest the Fed still has more to do on cooling down the economy.

That could dash hopes that rate hikes have peaked.


And Chinese investors are celebrating Beijing’s move to ease draconian lockdowns.

Next week’s data on retail sales and industrial production will show how much damage the restrictions did.

Eyes are also on whether the central bank chooses to extend help for commercial banks.