Business Calendar: Time to be forceful?

STORY: Here’s what to watch in the world of business and finance for the week ahead.

U.S. jobs numbers will reveal whether the red-hot employment market is cooling off.

Employers are already signalling they’re becoming less enthusiastic to take on new staff.

Corporations like Tesla and Goldman Sachs are warning of slower hiring.

It’s due in part to a barrage of Federal Reserve rate hikes.

The Fed raised hikes another 75 basis points this week.

Another interest rate hike is forecast for the UK amid persistent inflationary pressure.

JPMorgan and HSBC are both predicting a 50 basis points rise from the Bank of England.

That would be the biggest single hike since 1995 and push rates to 1.75%.

Tuesday’s Reserve Bank of Australia meeting is also expected to bring a half-point interest rate hike.

Inflation is at a 21-year high, and consumer prices have climbed at a 6.1% annual pace.

The government is looking into whether the RBA could have acted sooner.

And despite record-high temperatures and heat waves, Europe is facing a cold, dark winter.

The European Union is urging member countries to conserve gas after Russia’s Gazprom slowed the flow to the

Nord Stream 1 pipeline to a fifth of capacity.

Gas prices are up nearly 200% this year so far.

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