Business Calendar: staring at the ceiling

STORY: From a tussle over U.S. debts, to hopes for a stock-market record in London, we round up the stories to watch out for in business and finance over the coming days.

The U.S. government has hit its legal debt ceiling, setting the stage for a stand-off with Republican lawmakers.

That could spark a fiscal crisis - or even a default.

Analysts say the administration can find budgetary wiggle room for now, meaning the crunch could come nearer to June.

Results from megacap tech stocks will test the new year’s stock rebound.

Numbers are due from Microsoft on Tuesday, with Tesla a day later.

All told, companies worth more than half the S&P 500’s total value will report over the next two weeks.

Purchasing managers’ indexes will gauge economic health.

The global composite figure was stuck just below 50 in December.

That’s the level that divides growth from contraction.

The Bank of Japan has refused to budge on rates.

But inflation figures out Friday could test its resolve.

January's numbers come after price rises last month surpassed a four-decade high.

And traders in London will be watching to see if the FTSE share index can hit an all-time high.

Stocks there have rallied since the end of the summer’s political turmoil.

China’s reopening has also boosted an index that is heavy on miners and other commodity-focused stocks.