Business Calendar: no time to COP out

STORY: From the U.S. midterm elections, to COP27 getting under way, political risk tops our look at the big stories to watch out for in business and finance.

America goes to the polls on Tuesday.

At stake is control of Congress, and the fate of Joe Biden’s agenda.

Polling suggests Republicans could take back control of both houses.

U.S. inflation numbers will be closely watched on Thursday.

Investors will look for any sign that price rises have peaked.

Whatever the number though, the Fed has already said it’s too soon to talk about pausing rate hikes.

Other data will be watched for signs that rate hikes could slow.

Such hopes were dashed recently by big increases from the Fed and Bank of England.

Though a more modest quarter-point rise in Australia led some to think increases might just be starting to slow.

Chinese stocks have soared on hopes that strict lockdowns could soon ease.

Now trade, inflation and credit data will show whether there are any real grounds for optimism on the country’s economy.

Currency traders will also watch for numbers on Beijing’s foreign reserves, which have dwindled as China tries to prop up the yuan.

And the COP27 climate talks begin in Egypt on Monday.

The focus will be on what steps developed nations take to help developing countries cut their emissions and adapt their economies.

Pressing worries over Ukraine, inflation and other issues have dampened hopes for bigger breakthroughs.