Business Calendar: navigating the energy shock

STORY: From Europe’s deepening energy shock, to another big rate hike, here are the business and finance stories to watch out for in the week ahead.

Europe will scramble to pull together an emergency plan to cope with a Russian gas shutoff.

Governments have already committed to spend hundreds of billions keeping a lid on energy prices.

More price caps and support for energy suppliers are among the options now.

One event to strike off the calendar is Thursday's meeting of the Bank of England.

It's been postponed as the country mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth, delaying the big rate hike that was expected.

Instead, the U.K. focus falls on gauging the impact of the country's $115 billion plan to cap soaring energy prices.

U.S. inflation data on Tuesday will help the Federal Reserve decide on in its next rate move.

Early estimates for the August number foresee a small drop - but energy is a wildcard for the U.S. too.

Chinese inflation came in below forecasts this week.

But loan growth proved weak too, adding to fears for the economy.

Upcoming numbers on industrial production, house prices and retail sales will offer more clues.

And Volkswagen has fired the starting gun for a share listing by Porsche.

The next few weeks will gauge investor appetite for what could be Germany’s largest ever IPO.