Business Calendar: a Fed hot summer

STORY: This is your look ahead at the big business stories to watch out for over the coming week…

Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting offers guaranteed drama, with another big rate hike all but certain.

Officials have had to play down talk that it could be a full percentage point.

Investors will watch for whether the Fed thinks inflation is peaking.

Earnings from big names like Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft and Coca-Cola will offer a health check for corporate America.

The ever-climbing dollar is one big concern.

It’s making U.S. exports less competitive, and hurting firms who make most sales overseas.

It’s a huge week for European earnings too.

Numbers from Airbus, Volkswagen and Mercedes will gauge the state of exporters.

Banks are in focus too, with UBS, Deutsche, Barclays and more all reporting.

Italy’s political crisis couldn’t have come at a worse moment.

The country faces rising rates, soaring inflation and worries over gas supplies.

Investors will watch to see if the country now faces policy paralysis and turmoil ahead of elections.

And rates are the focus in Australia too.

Reserve Bank boss Philip Lowe has pledged to at least double them from current levels.

Wednesday’s quarterly inflation numbers may decide how far and how fast he goes.

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