Bus or train? World's first dual-mode vehicle debuts in Japan

Is it a bus? Is it a train?

It's both!

This is the world's first dual-mode vehicle (DMV)

which runs both on roads and rail tracks

(SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) CEO OF ASA COAST RAILWAY, SHIGEKI MIURA, SAYING:"When the bus goes onto a railway track from a road, train wheels will descend from the front section and the front of the vehicle will be slightly elevated, leaving the rear tyres on the track so that the bus can run on the railway."

The DMV begins operation in Kaiyo, Japan on December 25

It can carry up to 21 passengers

(SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) CEO OF ASA COAST RAILWAY, SHIGEKI MIURA, SAYING: "This DMV, as you know, is a vehicle that can run on both railways and (normal) roads. Conventional vehicles could only run either on roads or railways, but this (DMV) can reach the locals (as a bus), and carry them onto the railways as well. Especially in rural areas with an ageing population, we expect it to be a very good form of public transport."

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