Bus Set on Fire as Ultra-Orthodox Protesters Clash With Police in Tel Aviv

A bus was set on fire after ultra-Orthodox protesters clashed with police Sunday, January 24, in Bnei Brak, a city just outside Tel Aviv, Israel over Covid rules. Local media reported that 13 officers were injured in the confrontation.

Israeli police said six suspects were arrested in connection with the demonstrations in Bnei Brak and had been taken in for questioning.

Earlier in the day, Haaretz reported that hundreds of protesters had blocked main roads in the city, and that some had attacked police officers and news teams, with the police using stun grenades on the crowds.

Video shared by Yossi Wiesel shows a bus burning in the middle of the street as people look on. Emergency services lights can be seen flashing in the background. Credit: Yossi Wiesel/The Renewal via Storyful