On the index board, the FBM Emas Index decreased 216.46 points to 8,257.78, the FBM 70 erased 523.72 points to 9,194.26 and the FBM Emas Shariah Index gave up 151.79 points to 9,120.49.

The FBMT 100 Index contracted 200.18 points to 8,214.63 and the FBM Ace lowered 229.68 points to 3,199.73.

Sector-wise, the Industrial Products and Services Index declined 5.69 points to 92.52, the Plantation Index slashed 58.32 points to 5,532.03 and the Financial Services Index was 464.03 points weaker at 10,885.45.

Main Market volume increased to 3.16 billion shares worth RM2.68 billion from 2.68 billion shares worth RM2.72 billion yesterday.

Warrants turnover rose to 336.67 million units worth RM89.22 million from 323.73 million units worth RM73.58 million.

Volume on the ACE Market was higher at 660.22 million shares worth RM93.02 million from 482.71 million shares worth RM85.55 million.

Consumer products and services accounted for 482.24 million shares traded on the Main Market, industrial products and services (410.82 million), construction (325.22 million), technology (418.71 million), SPAC (nil), financial services (129.42 million), property (243.45 million), plantations (64.86 million), REITs (50.03 million), closed/fund (176,700), energy (716.21 million), healthcare (64.46 million), telecommunications and media (52.47 million), transportation and logistics (147.40 million), and utilities (57.01 million).



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