Burmese food-picture addict ruins family's meal after falling over and pulling dishes onto her

This is the hilarious moment a food-picture addict was photographing her dinner but ended up slipping and spilling it all over herself.

Mar Win, 35, and her family had spent a couple of hours preparing the evening meal at their home in Shan State in Myanmar, or Burma, on April 28.

Naturally, the shop worker wanted to show off the food that evening by posting the pictures for her friends and family to see on social media.

She stood on a bench next to the dinner table for the best vantage point of the noodles, rice and pork soup, while her patient family waited for her to finish the snaps.

However, CCTV from the dining room shows how the green bench started to wobble. Then as Mar Win crouched down to pick up one of the bowls for a close-up, the stool gave way and jolted forwards.

The food-lover toppled backwards and pulled the table over with her, causing the family's dinner to be ruined with the rice and noodles spilling on top of her.

Speaking today, Mar Win said: "If anyone asks me what my hobby is, I would say taking pictures of food is my hobby. I love cooking then showing my friends what I've made.

''I often stand on the bench but this time it all went wrong. I was picking up the bowl of noodles to take a close-up but I lost my balance.

''It was disappointing to have spoiled the food but my family weren't angry and we laughed about it afterwards.''