Burkina Faso's award-winning architect returns a hero

STORY: Burkina Faso's award winning architect received a hero's welcome

on his first trip home since receiving the 2022 Pritzker Architecture Prize

Diebedo Francis Kere is the first African architect to win the Pritzker

the profession's most prestigious award

“I have a feeling of great gratitude and satisfaction as well, from seeing that all the efforts that we have produced together, the work that we did together, is recognised and the people are proud of it and realise that we did a good job.”

Kere’s hometown Gando had no school when he was growing up

He left at a young age to attend school in the nearby town of Tenkodogo

and was the first in his community to receive an education

He is now returning to visit two schools that he designed

He has designed schools and public spaces across Africa, Europe and the U.S.

“The prize that I won is not a challenge, it’s more of a boost, a recognition of what I have done. It is said that I am the first African to win that prize, so I feel responsible, and I look to the future. So the challenges remain climate, the materials used, the conflicts around the remaining materials or the remaining resources that are becoming violent. The challenges also come from the growing population, cities that are growing, how to find solutions to create infrastructures.”

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