Burgum: Trump could win election ‘regardless of who is vice president’

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) said former President Trump could win the election no matter who he chooses as his running mate.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins pressed Burgum on CNN’s “State of the Union” on what the governor would bring to the table if Trump selects him as his vice-presidential candidate. Burgum did not answer the question, instead emphasizing that the choice is up to Trump and that the former president does not need help getting reelected.

“Well, I think we have to just look at the fact that President Trump could win this race regardless of who his vice president is. He’s got the luxury of not having to pick someone,” he said on Sunday.

“And I think if we actually look in political history, the last time a vice-presidential pick actually helped swing an election was when Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson and Lyndon Johnson helped Kennedy win that race. And with President Trump right now where he is with Hispanics, with Blacks, with people under age 30, and with independents. I mean, he’s very strong across the board,” he added.

Collins continued asking Burgum why he would be a strong vice-presidential pick for the former president, but Burgum did not offer any clear answer.

“That’s up to President Trump; President Trump understands the criteria that he wants; he’s gonna make that choice in the time he makes it. He’s got a lot of great choices,” he said when asked why he would be a good candidate.

Burgum has emerged as a top vice presidential pick for Trump in recent weeks. He endorsed the former president shortly after he ended his own presidential bid and has since served as one of his most frequent surrogates on the campaign trail.

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