Bunnie Xo Recalls the First Time She Laid Eyes on Husband Jelly Roll: 'What Is This Man?'

Bunnie recently opened up about the origin of her relationship with the "Need a Favor" singer on her 'Dumb Blonde' podcast

<p>John Shearer/Getty</p> Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo in Nashville on June 8, 2024

John Shearer/Getty

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo in Nashville on June 8, 2024

Bunnie Xo was infatuated with Jelly Roll at first sight.

During the latest episode of her Dumb Blonde podcast on July 9, the internet personality recalled the first time she ever laid eyes on the "Need a Favor" singer — long before he was filling arenas for his concerts.

"We met at Las Vegas Country Saloon in 2015," said Bunnie, 44. "He was opening for the Moonshine Bandits and I was like, 'What is this? What is this man? This big southern boy.'"

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They were able to connect at the concert because there were "not that many people there," she explained, and the venue felt more like "a big room with a stage" where "everybody was walking around."

"We were backstage drinking and stuff like that, but J wasn’t — nobody even knew who he was," added Bunnie. "He was opening for the Moonshine Bandits, you know? He might have had a little pop in Nashville, but people on the West Coast didn't know who he was. We were there for the Moonshine Bandits."

The couple — who recently opened up about looking to have a child together — got married in 2016, and Bunnie is stepmom to Jelly's two kids from a previous relationship: daughter Bailee, 15, and son Noah, 7.

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After Bunnie candidly opened up publicly about her and Jelly's 2018 breakup and how the split ultimately helped them grow in March, the "Save Me" artist reflected on their relationship's highs and lows in an interview with PEOPLE the following month.

"I'm really glad she posted about that because I think it's important for people that admire our relationship and our love for each other, to also know that man, we put in a lot of work," he reflected at the time.

"It ain't always been Hallmark cards and Care Bears, and we had to really put in a lot of work to be together, and it was worth it. It was worth every second. It was worth every disagreement. It was worth every split. All roads pointed back to the North Star that was all love," Jelly continued. "We're in the easy phase now."

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