Bunga Citra Lestari saddens over body shaming

11 Nov – Bunga Citra Lestari is saddened by netizens' comments about her physique after a video of her looking much fuller than her past self made the rounds online.

The singer, who spoke to the media at the press conference for her upcoming BCL Blossom Intimate Concert recently, stated that she considered it to be body shaming.

"But I understand, not everybody understands why my tummy looks like that. There are lots of aspects involved, like the way it was photographed, the lighting, and even bloating due to period," she said.

Bunga added that she also loves to eat late at night, and now that she is nearing her 40s, her body is experiencing changes.

"I thought people would see it more positively, that I am healthier and happier, and that the period of grief is over even though it takes a long time," she said, referring to the passing of her husband, Malaysian actor Ashraf Sinclair back in 2020. "But the opposite happened."

As for rumours about her and singer Ariel, Bunga said that the two of them are good friends even back when Ashraf was still alive.

"It's normal. Netizens love to gossip for the sake of entertainment," she added.

Bunga will be performing in Malaysia in January 2023
Bunga will be performing in Malaysia in January 2023

(Photo Source: Bunga Citra Lestari IG)