Will all buildings feature bicycle parking in the future?

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In the future, all buildings constructed or renovated in Europe should have a large space dedicated to bicycle parking.

The European Commission wants to revise its directive on the energy performance of buildings and recommends that in the future all buildings should have dedicated bicycle parking spaces. This would apply to all buildings, residential and non-residential, new and renovated.

This proposal is in fact designed to be an update of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive from 2010. Since then, cycling has become considerably more popular in Europe and therefore adjustments seem in order.

In detail, these recommendations call for residential buildings to have at least two bicycle parking spaces for each dwelling, and for at least 10% of these spaces to be reserved for large vehicles (cargo bikes, tricycles, etc.). For non-residential buildings, the goal would be to have bicycle parking spaces for at least 15% of their employees and/or customers.

This proposal is to be submitted to the European Parliament and then to the Council of the EU, which will consider it in 2022.

The next step could be to require the installation of charging facilities for electric bicycles in these same buildings, at a rate of one charging point per 10 parking spaces.

David Bénard

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