Can we build homes for wildlife as well as people?

Building new homes often comes at the expense of living space for wildlife. But from 2024, a new law in England means developers will have to make sure their projects deliver 10% more nature. It's called biodiversity net gain.

Conservation groups are "cautiously optimistic", but do local authorities have the resources to maintain, measure and police the uptick in nature?

On ClimateCast, Tom Heap visits a housing development with nature embedded into its foundations as well as a field of barley a few miles from Milton Keynes that's been selected to enjoy natural regeneration as a payback for damage elsewhere.

Plus he speaks to Prue Addison, from Wildlife Trust, about the realities of the new law and the potential impact it could have.

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Podcast producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse

Field producer: Mickey Caroll

Editor: Paul Stanworth