Build-a-Bear Has a New Clark Griswold Bear You Can Cuddle When It’s a Bit Nipply Out

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Photo credit: Build-a-Bear
Photo credit: Build-a-Bear

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To say that National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one of the best Christmas movies of all time isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. That’s why we were so excited when Build-a-Bear released an Cousin Eddie bear last year. Now we can get the patriarch of the family himself, Clark Griswold.

The teddy bear is brown and has green paws with red, festive details. It’s wearing a sweater, shirt, tie, pants, and Santa Claus hat, just like Clark wears in the last scene of the 1989 film. You know, the one where he's just finished chasing a squirrel around the house and suddenly has police officers coming through the windows for a kidnapping. He’s even holding a moose-shaped glass from the time he was sipping eggnog and found out that Cousin Eddie is there to stay. Oh, the memories!

The limited-edition Clark Griswold bear is an online exclusive and comes in a bundle, so you can get the bear and all of its outfit and accessories for $50.50. Build-a-Bear might be known as a brand for kids, but we bet any adult who loves National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation will go crazy for this.

Honestly, this bear might be comforting during the stressful holiday season. After all, Clark has given us a lot of tips that we should all carry with us: Bring a saw when you’re cutting down a Christmas tree, don’t put a down payment on a pool until you have the check, and never, ever let your wife’s cousin’s husband know where you live.

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