Build-A-Bear phones home with a new E.T. the Extraterrestrial plush

Build-a-Bear's new E.T. plush (Photo: Courtesy Build-a-Bear)
Build-A-Bear's new E.T. plush is out of this world. (Photo: Courtesy Build-A-Bear)

Why build a bear when you can build an extraterrestrial? For the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's beloved 1982 family film, E.T. the Extraterrestrial, the good folks at Build-A-Bear are giving fans the opportunity to assemble their own adorable alien. Yahoo Entertainment has your exclusive first look at Build-A-Bear's E.T. plush, which makes for a perfect traveling companion on flying bike rides or camping trips in the woods.

Take a ride with Build-a-Bear's new E.T. plush (Photo: Courtesy Build-a-Bear)
Take a ride with Build-A-Bear's new E.T. plush (Photo: Courtesy Build-A-Bear)

Retailing for $36 and available now on the official Build-A-Bear website, this ultra-soft E.T. stuffy has the same brown fur and big eyes that have delighted generations of moviegoers. And on its plush paw you'll find the official E.T. movie logo... just make sure not to obscure it with any Reese's Pieces stains.

The Build-a-Bear E.T. plush (Photo: Courtesy Build-a-Bear)
The Build-A-Bear E.T. plush (Photo: Courtesy Build-A-Bear)

As with all Build-A-Bear merch, you can customize your own E.T. for your own snuggling pleasure. Special add-ons to the base plush figure include a red hoodie, that signature glowing finger and a sound chip that includes some of the character's classic dialogue from the movie. Best of all, this E.T. won't have to return to his home planet — he'll always be right here.

Build-A-Bear's E.T. plush is available now on the official Build-A-Bear website.