'Buffalo Mother': Hong Kong’s water buffalo savior

"Hello, I'm Leung Siu-wah. People call me 'buffalo mother.' Twelve years ago, because this buffalo broke his leg and took shelter at my home, I started to know more about buffalos."

'Buffalo Jean' cares for wounded water buffalos

"And I really love taking care of them and they really love being taken care by me too. There are interactions, and through these interactions, we fell in love with each other. We have loved each other for 12 years."

There are roughly 100 wild buffalos on Lantau Island

Jean uses her own savings and donations from residents to buy first aid and food

"So my everyday schedule is, if the buffalos are not injured, I play with them. If they are injured, I visit them every day at the same time. They know I will be there, they will wait for me. After I handle their wounds, I give them some food to eat."