Buck Supermoon Shines Over Baltimore

The July full moon, or the Buck Moon, is a supermoon this year, with NASA saying it would appear full from Tuesday morning, July 12, to early Friday, with a peak on Wednesday.

Video by Erick Ferris for @WMAR2News shows the night’s clouds passing over the bright supermoon in Baltimore.

Native American names for full moons have been used widely since the Maine Farmer’s Almanac began publishing them in the 1930s. The Buck Moon coincided with the time of year new antlers appear on buck deer.

The moon qualifies as a “supermoon”, NASA said, since “the peak of this full moon is less than 10 hours after the moon was closest to the Earth in its orbit”. Credit: Erick Ferris/@WMAR2News via Storyful

Video transcript


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