‘The Buccaneers’ Episode 4: Secrets Lurk in the Shadows of a ‘Homecoming’ Party (Exclusive Video)

Despite the fun party that awaits back at the St. George residence, various unsaid things cast shadows on what is supposed to be a celebratory event in the fourth episode of “The Buccaneers” titled “Homecoming.”

Mrs. St. George (Christina Hendricks) can’t wait to center her younger daughter, who has snagged a Duke named Theo after he proposed marriage to her at the end of the second episode. But Nan has also recently learned that she was born of one of her father’s dalliances.

“The guests will be arriving any minute and I want to show you off,” she tells Nan, who demands why. “Well because I’m your mother.”

Nan’s sister Jinny spilled the tea about her true identity. The party was also supposed to be for Jinny, but she ended up eloping with Lord James Seadown (Barney Fishwick). Little does Jinny know what Seadown did to Lizzy Elmsworth (Aubri Ibrag), who left the girls in England early to return home to America.

“What have you been doing? Or should I say, who have you been doing?” Lizzy’s sister Mabel asks her. “

“Yes! Who’s the lucky man keeping you here and away from us?” Conchitta asks.

Lizzy, dressed in an iridescent purple gown brushes off the questions, but not without a glance at Lord Seadown as he enters the group of men gazing up at the women on the staircase.

“I couldn’t care less about boys and marriage,” she says as she looks down the stairs.

“Lizzy, oh who has stolen Lizzy?” Conchitta laughs.

“Now, there’s a party that’s about to start so let’s get you all dressed,” she says, calmly collecting her friends and leading them up the staircase.

Nan looks down at her mother in a mysterious way as she follows the gaggle of girls.

The first three episodes of “The Buccaneers” are now streaming on Apple TV+. New episodes arrive weekly on Wednesdays.

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