'Bubble man' brings joy to San Francisco streets

Kurth Reis is ‘the Bubble Man’

Location: San Francisco, California


"Well, I don't blow bubbles, I make them. I started it because my girlfriend had bought me a little tiny bubble gun and within 10 minutes the batteries were dead. I took an old USB cord and spliced it and I plugged it in to the back of it and plugged into a power pack. And I had like a thousand bubbles a minute and it was great. But by the end of the night, I wanted bigger bubbles. I wanted to see them bigger."

Kurth mixes dish soap and guar gum to make the solution

He then whisks it with an egg beater and adds baking powder


"It's science, but it's also an art. You know? It's like people have told me, you know, I'm an artist and I never. Yeah, OK. I'm just the guy who makes bubbles. It's peaceful. I mean, I can't really explain it, you know what I mean? Like, whether I have my tip jar out or not, I just I can make bubbles. I could make them until, you know, until I couldn't make them anymore, it seems like. You know, I'm up early, you know, I'm out early, I'm out late. Bubbles became my like my thing now."

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