BTS' RM opens up about the pressures of leadership in emotional video


RM has opened up about the pressures he faces as the leader of BTS, admitting that there had been times when he felt he "would want to die."

Key points:

  • RM shared his struggles with the weight of leadership with fellow member Jimin in a candid conversation filmed prior to their enlistment last year.

  • He explained that the theme of his latest album, "Right Place, Wrong Person," highlighted feelings of being out of place.

  • The pressure to constantly be a "good role model" and do public speaking contributed to his being overwhelmed.

The details:

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  • RM and Jimin, along with other BTS members, are currently serving in the military, with a planned regrouping in 2025.

  • In a video posted on BTS's YouTube channel on Saturday, RM confided in Jimin about feeling like he had to speak and represent BTS perfectly. He described himself as an "unimportant 29-year-old," saying:

"I'm the one who says all the right things the nice things. I step up to represent the team. That's what I always do, and people expect me to make speeches and do interviews in English... But actually... I'm actually just an unimportant 29-year-old guy living in Korea... living a slightly different life from others."

  • While he understood his role as the group's leader, he had questioned his own identity and recalled moments of feeling like an outsider.

  • He also said he "would want to die" if he continued thinking about what others thought of them. He told Jimin:

"We just had to be conscientious and different. I love BTS because of our music. But if I kept caring about what everyone else thought... If I kept going like this, I just... I felt like I would want to die."

  • RM’s second solo album, "Right Place, Wrong Person," released on May 25, explores themes of alienation and the struggles of fame. A song titled "Groin" directly addresses his frustration with external pressures.

  • He said he felt sorry for himself for never relaxing for the past 10 years, telling Jimin:

"Seeing myself like that for the first time I thought 'Why was I so intense for the past ten years?' I never relaxed. Whether on stage or behind the scenes I was always intense, on edge and always wary about everything. I felt sorry for myself seeing that. So, because of that, I wanted to turn off the switch for a while."

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