BTS’ Jin Performs Debut Solo Single ‘The Astronaut’ With Coldplay

Jin The Astronaut
Jin The Astronaut

Jin of BTS performed his debut solo single “The Astronaut” live for the first time at a Coldplay concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 28 — shortly after its release on the same day.

Bathed in colourful lights and surrounded by thousands of screaming fans waving glow sticks, Jin took to the stage alongside Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who provided harmonising vocals. The show was part of Coldplay’s ongoing Music of the Spheres world tour.

The two previously worked together on “My Universe,” released in 2021, when BTS joined hands with Coldplay, and this new track is reportedly a gift from the latter to the K-pop icon.

More about “The Astronaut” by Jin and Coldplay

The making of the song

“The Astronaut” marks a collaborative effort between Jin and revered British band Coldplay with Chris Martin penning the lyrics along with the BTS idol. The high upbeat rock base of the track offers the perfect background to the soulful tone of this new song. In certain instances, Martin can also be heard adding harmony to Jin’s melodies.

jin the astronaut coldplay
BTS’ Jin performing “The Astronaut” onstage with Coldplay. (Image: Tim Toda/ Instagram)

Replete with Jin’s signature soothing voice, the five-minute-long rock-pop track instantly amassed the love and appreciation of ARMY — the fandom name for BTS’ ardent supporters — and is accompanied by a soulful music video. The music video comes days after BTS was confirmed to serve in the Korean military as part of the national law. Jin, who turns 30 in December 2022, is the oldest member and will be the first in BTS to enlist.

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“The Astronaut” music video

While everyone is aware of how phenomenal a singer and performer Jin is, “The Astronaut” gives a glimpse of his acting talent. The video shows Jin in the role of an astronaut who wanders in the vast expanse of space and chances upon Earth one day. After landing on this planet, he is overwhelmed by the love and affection he receives from people here and decides to let go of his UFO and reside on Earth.

The heartwarming lyrics are an ode to the ARMY. Jin has previously said that it is the ARMY that helped him realise his dreams and passion, and showered him with immense love. This solo single is his way of letting them know how grateful and loved he feels.

The song was shot in the US and other BTS members have extended their support by sharing screenshots as it premiered as well as shared snippets of them grooving to it.

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