Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul make unexpected TV cameo: ‘I need context’

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have left fans utterly perplexed with their surprise appearance in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The newly released trailer for the sitcom’s forthcoming 16th season teases an unexpected Breaking Bad reunion.

For a brief moment, Cranston and Paul are shown being chauffered by the series lead Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day).

“It might smell a little funky in here, Mr Malcom. I did vomit in this car earlier,” Charlie informs Cranston’s character in what appears to be a reference to the star’s former sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

Rob McElhenney tweeted a photo of the cast joined by Cranston and Paul days before the trailer’s release, writing, “Name a crossover that makes better sense.” However, it seems numerous fans missed the memo.

Following the trailer’s release, Twitter was buzzing with fans reacting in shock to the first look at the co-star’s guest feature.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing [two skeleton emojis],” one commented.

“Dude, what?! This is like the best of everything,” a second praised.

A third felt that it made “no sense”. “But I love it anyways,” they added.

“Ok, I need context,” another requested. “What are they doing on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?”

At the moment, it remains unclear which episode the two will make their debut, what role they’ll play and how long they’ll be featured.

This will mark Cranston and Paul’s second on-screen reunion outside of the Breaking Bad universe – they previously made a cameo in the popular spinoff Better Call Saul.

Earlier this year, they partnered with the snack brand PopCorners for a Super Bowl advertisement.

Season 16 of the long-running It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premieres its first two episodes on 7 June on FX.