Brush Fire Forces Evacuations in Orange County

A cloud of smoke filled the sky in Laguna Niguel, California, on May 11, as a fast-moving brush fire destroyed homes and forced residents to evacuate.

Footage recorded by Josh Gunter shows the scene of the blaze, called the Coastal Fire, in Orange County on Wednesday afternoon, he said.

The Coastal Fire was first reported at around 2:44 pm local time on Wednesday, fire authorities said at a press conference.

Authorities said on Thursday that the fire was burning around 199 acres and had destroyed at least 20 homes. Credit: @joshguntercreative via Storyful

Video transcript


- OK, we're live. Fire in Aliso Canyon, right-- right in the canyon.

- It's burning down the trees.

- It's live. It's on.


- People are on. You can zoom in, Josh. Don't get too near.

JOSH GUNTER: It's right by our house. And then Aliso Canyon, on the other side of the flames is Ben Brown Golf Course. You can kind of look up that way, to PID.

- Wow.



JOSH GUNTER: They're doing their best. But I don't know.


It's in a-- right by Ben Brown Golf Course, by Aliso Creek Beach on the other side. So Laguna Beach, Top of the World over there. Pretty heavy.

There's like a couple of fire trucks down there. Looks like the fire guys and gals are picking their water up from across the way over there, Top of the World. Here he comes.

Doesn't look like it's getting any smaller. What do you think, Chloe. Kind of gnarly?

- The smoke's coming towards us.

JOSH GUNTER: Smoke's coming towards us?


JOSH GUNTER: Just trying to go for a bike ride, and this is what we found. Well, getting pretty close to the houses.

Laguna Beach Canyon is on fire. [INAUDIBLE].

It's definitely running up that ridge right there. Let's go see, if it's making its way up towards the other side yet. It's starting to make its way up that. It's pretty thick vegetation. Yeah, I bet there's a ton of traffic, huh?


JOSH GUNTER: Our house is nice [INAUDIBLE]. Sure is creating all types of havoc on PCH. A little worried. It's in my backyard, basically. We like live right down over there. Here he comes. Savages. Well, sorry about the camera work.


It's super windy too.

- Daddy?

JOSH GUNTER: What's up, baby?

- I have to go to the bathroom.

JOSH GUNTER: Oh, you got to go potty? Let's not film the [INAUDIBLE] spot. Hopefully they get a good drop. Looks like they're focusing on it running up that way.

Good. Those pilots is-- are savage, to fly into that. There's a telephone wires in that smoke too. Where they're flying. Oh-oh. A little flare-up down there at the bottom.

I will. Thank you. We're just going to get a couple of views and then see if we can get out of here-- what this thing is doing. Oh, tell your friends and family in South Laguna, man. If you're on the other side near Aliso, this thing would be a little bit concerning.

Most of everyone in Laguna Beach, you got a lot to burn still. Oh, more badasses, dude.

- Woo!

JOSH GUNTER: Here we go. I don't know how they're going to get in there. All right. Oh. Dawn, you should see this. It's starting to run the hill. It's starting to run. You see that? Look at it running up the hill right now.


JOSH GUNTER: Chloe, stay up here, please.

- What?

JOSH GUNTER: It's starting to run. It just crested this hill over here. Yeah.

- You still going live?


- You still on there?


At least someone's watching.


JOSH GUNTER: That's all I can see. They got two giant planes. But what are they going to do? We might need to get out of here.

- Come on, Chloe.

JOSH GUNTER: We might be in the way. All right. I think we might try to go adjust angles.

- [INAUDIBLE]. We got to go, Josh. Josh, let's go.

JOSH GUNTER: We're not breathing it yet. But--

- [INAUDIBLE] video.

JOSH GUNTER: All right.

- Signing off.

JOSH GUNTER: Signing off. I need to readjust.

- Hey, guys, watch out for the cactus.

JOSH GUNTER: All right. Yeah. You don't want to hit that. It'll hurt.

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