Brush Fire Breaks Out in Hollywood Hills

Firefighters brought a brush fire under control in the Hollywood Hills late on June 20.

Footage by local resident Michael Binikos shows a helicopter dropping water over the fire, which broke out off Barham Boulevard.

According to the fire department, the fire burned an estimated one acre of land, and it was stopped from spreading within 75 minutes by 100 firefighters and helicopter water drops.

There was no threat to nearby apartments, Universal Studios or the Hollywood Sign, the fire department said.

No injuries were reported. Credit: Michael Binikos via Storyful

Video transcript


MICHAEL BINIKOS: First water drop. Kinda missed. This is going to be bad.

Just so you have an understanding, this is my house here. There's the fire. There. It's across Barham, so it has to jump across the street to get to me, but that's still pretty scary. I think the last fire I saw on this hillside side right there was 15 years ago. So that brush is 15 years old. It's going to go up pretty fast.


Second drop. Looks like it's doing something, but it's not a lot of water.

Think he's gonna go-- That was a good one. Need more like that [INAUDIBLE] It's hard [INAUDIBLE] tag-teaming two different helicopters doing this, because this thing's gonna go up if they don't get a hold of it soon.



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