Brothers Recall Getting Sucked Out of Their Nebraska Home by Tornado: 'I Thought He Was Dead'

Roger and Royce Slatten said they were trying to take cover when the twister ripped them from their home and threw them in different directions

<p>AP Photo/Nick Ingram</p> Aftermath of the tornado that struck Elkhorn, Nebraska on Friday, April 26

AP Photo/Nick Ingram

Aftermath of the tornado that struck Elkhorn, Nebraska on Friday, April 26
  • Roger and Royce Slatten say they were ripped from their home in Elkhorn, Neb., after an EF-3 tornado tore through the town

  • The brothers said they were worried the other had died after the twister threw them in different directions

  • At least five people have died following the tornado outbreak that struck the Midwest between April 26 and April 28

Two brothers said they were sucked out of their Elkhorn, Neb., home during a tornado outbreak in the Midwest.

Roger and Royce Slatten were among thousands of people in the path of the EF-3 tornado that ripped through the area on Friday, April 26, according to CNN.

The brothers told the outlet they were headed downstairs to take cover when the tornado hit the home they were in.

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Roger said he heard the windows explode and felt the floor jolt "a couple of times" before the two brothers “took off” into the air.

“I did several, like, head-over-heels cartwheels [and] hit my head on about anything I could,” Roger explained, per CNN.

“I face planted on the ground and got buried in rubble,” Roger continued, before Royce recalled being "thrown out of the house."

“I remember hitting the ground and then kind of like coming to afterwards,” Royce said, adding that he felt pieces of their home “ripping into my back.”

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Per the footage shown by CNN, the brothers were covered in cuts and scrapes from the debris they came into contact with during the storm.

Then, the two began looking for each other. “Once I got up, I just started screaming Roger’s name,” Royce recalled. “I didn’t see anybody. I thought he was dead, for sure."

Roger was also worried about Royce’s fate. “For a long while, I was certain that was the last time I was ever going to see my brother,” he explained to CNN.

According to the outlet, Royce spotted his brother about 20 minutes later and the two were reunited.

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“It was a really big sense of relief,” Royce, who was standing on crutches, told CNN.

At least five people have died following the tornado outbreak, which impacted Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa as well as Nebraska. Among the victims is a 4-month-old baby who was found in Holdenville, Okla.

Following the storms, country singer Zach Bryan and his band were spotted helping victims clean up in the Elkhorn area.

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