Brothers Found Clinging to Cooler After Boat Overturns in Queensland

Two brothers clung to a portable cooler for hours before being rescued from the ocean after their boat overturned near the northern tip of Fraser Island on Saturday, February 18, according to LifeFlight Australia.

LifeFlight Australia said the brothers, both in their 20s, had been out fishing when a rogue wave rolled their six-meter boat, throwing them into the sea.

The organization said the brothers activated their Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, put their life jackets on, watched their boat sink, and floated in the ocean for almost four hours.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority received the distress signal and immediately tasked a chopper at around 1:45 pm, LifeFlight Australia said. Video released by the LifeFlight Australia shows the men being hoisted to safety.

The men suffered no injuries and were taken to Bundaberg Hospital for further observation, LifeFlight Australia said.

A similar rescue occurred less than three weeks prior, when three men were found holding onto a portable cooler in waters off the coast of Western Australia. An arrest has since been made in connection to the capsizing, after the discovery of about 365 kg of cocaine in coastal waters. Credit: LifeFlight Australia via Storyful

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