Brooklyn Beckham unveils latest tattoo of Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham has unveiled his latest tattoo for wife Nicola Peltz, as he admitted to having over 20 dedicated to her.

In a new interview, Beckham showed off a large black-and-white portrait of the American billionnaire heiress’s face on his upper arm. He credited Mark Mahoney as the artist.

Speaking to E! News, Beckham revealed that he started getting tattoos in honour of his now-wife “pretty soon after we started dating”.

“And I am half covered with stuff for her. I have like over 20 dedicated to her,” the aspiring chef added. “They’re very addictive, especially when you love someone you just want to cover everywhere.”

Beckham, the eldest child of David and Victoria Beckham, and Peltz got married in April last year after three years of dating.

Their high-profile wedding is currently the subject of a lawsuit filed by Nicola’s billionnaire father, Nelson Peltz. against wedding planners Arianna Grijalba and Nicole Braghin of Plan Design Events.

While Nelson’s suit alleges that Braghin and Grijalba refused to return a $159,000 (£139,975) deposit after they were fired, the duo have filed a countersuit accusing the Peltz family of poor communication and making unreasonable demands.

The filing, which was obtained byThe Independent, includes hundreds of WhatsApp messages and emails exchanged between Nicola and the wedding planners in the days before the wedding at Nelson’s £76m family mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

Beckham, 23, got a massive portrait of his wife Peltz (E! News/The Rundown)
Beckham, 23, got a massive portrait of his wife Peltz (E! News/The Rundown)

In one instance, Nicola objected to the floral arrangement of cabbage roses not being “white enough”. She also allegedly criticised the name choices for the personalised Nicola and Brooklyn burgers which were to be served at the party.

In a recent interview, ITV’s Lorraine Kelly was asked about the Peltz-Beckham wedding and the drama that allegedly went on behind-the-scenes.

She told journalist Lucie Cave: “Can I just say, that sounds like the most utterly joyless wedding, devoid of fun and happiness and all of that.”

The lawyer representing Plan Design Events declined to comment on the ongoing lawsuit.

A spokesperson for Nelson told The Daily Mail the counter-suit is “replete with inaccuracies” and that the planners’ claims have “no merit”.