Brookfield Zoo's Two-Toed Sloth Celebrates Fifth Birthday With 'Special' Cupcake

Raisin the two-toed sloth, a resident of Illinois’s Brookfield Zoo, rung in her fifth birthday on April 29 with a healthy cupcake made by the zoo’s animal care staff.

Footage uploaded to Twitter by the zoo shows the sloth gently munching on ‘candles’ made of green beans.

The zoo captioned the post, “Happy Birthday to Raisin, the two-toed sloth, who turns 5 today! Our animal care staff prepared a special ‘cupcake’ and, after some initial hesitation, she decided to ‘blow out the candles,’ by which we mean she ate them (it’s cool, they’re string beans).” Credit: Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo via Storyful