Brood X Cicada Sheds Its Exoskeleton in Washington

A Brood X cicada was filmed shedding its nymph skin on May 19 in Washington DC, as the brood continued to emerge in the eastern United States.

Footage filmed by cicada enthusiast Diane Querey Quigley shows a Brood X cicada emerging from its exoskeleton as it clings to a wooden fence.

“In northwest Washington DC, we probably saw hundreds of cicadas walking the short distance home from my son’s nearby school,” Quigley told Storyful.

The respective cicada broods come out in pockets each year in the central, southeast, and northeastern US, Timshel Purdum, a bug expert at the Science Museum of Virginia, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Brood X emerges every 13 or 17 years.

Brood X has emerged in great numbers, even showing up on weather radar, according to NBC meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts.

Cicada season was predicted to end in mid to late June, University of Maryland entomologist Dr Paula Shrewsbury told local media. Credit: Diane Querey Quigley via Storyful