Brittany Mahomes calls out ‘grown men talking sh*t’ after being blasted on Joe Rogan podcast

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has seemingly fired back at critics after she was blasted as “annoying” and “crazy” during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

The 27-year-old mother of two became a topic of conversation during Thursday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience when host Joe Rogan and his guests Shane Gillis, Mark Normand and Ari Shaffir discussed the Mahomes family following the Kansas City Chiefs’ 2023 Super Bowl win.

The UFC commentator and his guests soon began criticising both the quarterback’s wife and his younger brother, Jackson Mahomes.

“You know what I like, though, I came around on Jackson Mahomes. I’m a fan,” said comedian Shane Gillis. “[Patrick’s] brother that does TikToks and his annoying wife that screams – everyone hates on them and it actually makes me happy.”

“Patrick Mahomes has a wife that’s just wild,” he continued. “She’s up in the box and films herself…and Patrick is obviously the man, and then he’s got a crazy wife and a brother up in the box, doing all this sh*t.”

The podcasters then played a clip of Brittany celebrating a series of Chiefs wins, which showed Brittany filming herself as she danced in a skybox in support of her quarterback husband.

Rogan chimed in with his thoughts about the former soccer player. “Woah, Jesus,” Rogan said. “The problem is they keep that same energy when you get divorced. They come after you with that same energy.”

Following the podcast episode, Brittany Mahomes appeared to respond to their comments when she subtly called out “grown men” for “talking sh*t about someone’s wife”.

“Something about grown men talking shit about someone’s wife is real weird,” she tweeted on 26 February, three days after the episode was released. “Actually grown a** men hating on women in general is pathetic,” she added, along with a woozy face emoji.

Many fans in the comments section seemed to agree that discussing an NFL star’s family should be off-limits.

“Jealousy makes people do weird things. Hold your beautiful head high!” tweeted one person in response.

“For real when other women support their husbands it’s always like we love a supportive queen, but when you do it you get hated on,” another said. “We got your back!”

Brittany Mahomes has been the subject of much controversy ever since her husband rose to football stardom. Most notably, she received criticism in January 2022 when she sprayed champagne in cold weather on Chiefs fans after they won a playoff game. Following the backlash, Brittany tweeted: “I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week.”

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes – who have been together for more than a decade – are parents to 23-month-old daughter, Sterling, and two-month-old son, Bronze.

The couple are high school sweethearts, and even attended their high school prom together in 2013. Nearly seven months after Mahomes won his first Super Bowl in February 2020, the two announced they were engaged. The pair finally tied the knot in March 2022.