Britney Spears says her father Jamie made her feel 'ugly': 'I was fat and never good enough'

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Britney Spears" is learning how to feel beautiful again after she says her father, Jamie Spears, "ruined" her confidence.

The "Piece of Me" artist, who was under a conservatorship for 13 years with her father at the helm before it was dissolved in November 2021, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a photo of herself as a young teen. In the caption of the post, she wrote that age 13 was one of the only times in her life when she felt "kinda pretty."

"I think my rebellious days were due to the fact that I always had to be perfect and pretty," she said. "Then I went to the extremes and went wild and naughty. But in those rebellious days I honestly still felt hot as f***."

Spears, who is expecting a child with fiancé Sam Asghari, shared that one of the things that "hurt" her the most during her conservatorship was "being told I was fat and never good enough."

"My dad always made me feel like I had to try ... try ... try !!! BIG TIME !!! He ruined the deep seed of my existence ... the seed that made me feel beautiful like when I was 13 ... my confidence ... my swag ... my inner dialogue ... and yes even my sex life ... all completely ruined," the Crossroads star shared. "He made me feel ugly ... therefore I was."

The "moment the conservatorship was over," Spears continued, was when she started feeling "good" about herself again.

"I stopped trying so damn hard and yes I entered a whole new world !!! I felt beautiful ... therefore I was," she wrote. "I might feel that way but the psychological damage from my dad and EVERY SINGLE F***ING person who went along with it will always be there."

In a follow-up post, the singer also shared a poem with her followers, which began with the line, "What would it feel like to feel pretty when I kiss?"

This is not the only time Spears — who has dealt with her fair share of body-shaming from the media — has spoken up about the pressure put on her body during her conservatorship. In a March Instagram post, she said that her dad would regularly call her "fat" and tell her "being the heavy girl on stage wasn't fun."

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