Britnee Kellogg Is Joined by Strong Women — Including Her Mom and Daughter — in Empowering Music Video (Exclusive)

The clip for 'She's Come a Long Way' is a meaningful and empowering one for the country singer and 'American Idol' alum

Britnee Kellogg has always adored Reba McEntire.

“She is literally the love of my life,” admits Kellogg with a laugh during a recent interview with PEOPLE. “She's the first cassette tape I ever owned. She has always been a huge inspiration for me musically.”

It’s this connection that has become somewhat of a surreal one for the former season 11 and season 12 American Idol fave, as the accomplished singer/songwriter now finds herself collaborating with McEntire’s niece Autumn McEntire.

“When I first met her several years ago, I knew her last name was McEntire, but that's kind of a common last name,” remembers Kellogg, 39. “I guess I never asked her until she posted something about having a cut on her aunt's record and I was like, 'Excuse me, you never told me this?!' It made me respect her even more that she doesn't go around bragging that she's Reba's niece. I think that says a lot about her character."

<p>Courtesy Britnee Kellogg</p> Autumn McEntire, Britnee Kellogg and their co-producer

Courtesy Britnee Kellogg

Autumn McEntire, Britnee Kellogg and their co-producer

It’s that character and talent that finds itself in the creative partnership that has been built between McEntire and Kellogg, a combination that has turned out several impressive cuts as of late, including their latest anthem “She's Come a Long Way.” 

“This song is really special because I feel like it not only encompasses what I've been through and how I've come a long way, but also how so many women out there have come a long way,” says Kellogg of the song she co-wrote alongside McEntire, Danielle Blakey and Marti Dodson. “When it came to making the music video, I wanted to find inspiring women in our community of every shape, size, color, job… just encompassing all women and all walks of life. And I feel like we definitely did that.”

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Premiering exclusively on PEOPLE, the inspiring music video for “She’s Come a Long Way” features women from Kellogg’s home state of Oregon who have found a way through a slew of challenges.

“You obviously write the song from a personal perspective, but to be surrounded by these women on the set was just absolutely incredible,” she says of the video shoot. “To feel the energy and the strength exuding from each and every one of them was absolutely amazing.”

<p>Lisa Hartz</p> Britnee Kellogg

Lisa Hartz

Britnee Kellogg

Directed by Derich Hartfeil, the powerful music video also includes several women who have played a special role in Kellogg’s life, including her 6-year-old daughter, Harlow.

“I hope that Harlow and all of my children" — Kellogg is also mom to sons Hudson, 14, and Caiden, 16 — "see that being a mom does not mean that you have to give up your own dreams,” reflects Kellogg. “Like Jennifer Lopez said to me on Idol so many years ago, they're better for it because they're able to see you fighting for what you love so much. I come home from shows and my cup is full. I'm able to a better mom."

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Kellogg’s mom Diane Dunning also joins her in the video and exemplifies the meaning behind the song “She’s Come a Long Way.”

“My mom was a single mom growing up and she worked several jobs to make ends meet,” says Kellogg. “We didn't know it at the time, but she would pay bills and have just $60 left for groceries for the week with three kids. So, it's just full circle for me to be able to stand next to her, someone that I admire so much and who really gave me my work ethic and fought for my dreams when I was younger."

<p>Courtesy ONErpm</p> Britnee Kellogg's She's Come a Long Way

Courtesy ONErpm

Britnee Kellogg's She's Come a Long Way

It's these dreams that seem to be coming true for Kellogg right now, as she finds herself making many an inroad towards country music stardom.

"In this country music space, there's so much pop country from young artists,” says Kellogg, who will once again join forces with Autumn McEntire as she serves as co-producer of her upcoming album, She’s Come a Long Way.

“Of course, it is awesome and there's a place for it, but I don't really feel like we have that grown-ass woman right now that can speak to the moms struggling to make ends meet. They don't want to listen to a song about a breakup. They're in the trenches and they need a song to put on to make them feel empowered. And that's really what I want my music to do."

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