British tourist in Malaysia complains about KLIA transit train, says Jakarta trains are better

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Slow wifi and “basic” seats were among the complaints made recently by British content creator Dale Philip about his ride on the Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s Transit, which stops at every station along the line (unlike KLIA Express, a non-stop service between KL Sentral, KLIA and KLIA2).

“It’s just very basic seats. It’s not like the nice, big leather ones we had in Jakarta. The $4 train in Jakarta had nice reclining leather seats,” he said in a video posted on Facebook while comparing the price of the KLIA transit ticket which is $12.

The tourist also bemoaned the slow and unreliable WiFi service, which, according to a speed test he performed, offered only 3 Mbps.

However, he said it would be better to take the train than a car as the airport takes about 45 minutes to an hour as it is located in Sepang, outside of  Kuala Lumpur. He said his destination by train only took him 35 minutes.

“I’ve been watching the view going past. Everything’s nice, green and totally relaxed, totally different from the city centre.”

Several internet users disagreed with his comparison to Jakarta’s transit as the KLIA Transit was built more than 20 years ago whereas the one in Jakarta was only built recently.

To which Dale replied: “I’ll compare it whatever I want.”

Meanwhile, users also responded to his complaints about the wifi speed as well as the ticket prices.


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