British tourist 'kills wife, 26, by stabbing her with screwdriver in Turkish hotel'

A CCTV still appears to show the man leaving the hotel in Istanbul (
A CCTV still appears to show the man leaving the hotel in Istanbul (

A British tourist has been arrested after allegedly stabbing his 26-year-old wife to death in a Turkish hotel room.

The couple were reportedly staying at a hotel in Istanbul when the incident happened.

Hotel staff reported hearing "sounds" from a room at roughly 12.30pm on Tuesday and found the victim "lying in a pool of blood".

Police and medics were called to the scene, where the woman was reportedly pronounced dead.

The couple had arrived in Turkey on November 11, according to local media reports.

CCTV footage shared by news outlet Sabah appeared to show the woman's 28-year-old husband leaving the hotel.

Police found him a short while later wearing a bloody T-shirt, and took him to the police station, Sabah reported.

In an interview he allegedly confessed to killing his wife with a screwdriver after losing his temper during an argument.

Local media reports say the screwdriver was found inside a loo at the hotel, during a search.

The husband was reportedly being held in prison on a murder charge.

The Foreign Office told MailOnline: "We have not been approached for consular assistance, but our staff stand ready to support British nationals abroad 24/7."