British Sporting Trials holds Gold Star final

STORY: Drivers competed in the finals of Sporting Trials

Location: Stroud, England

The uniquely British motorsport is not about who drives the fastest

Instead, participants attempt to clear sections marked out with 12 flag poles

The aim is to reach as many flags as possible without stopping

(Stuart Beare, British Sporting Trials Chairman)

"We've got two-wheel drive cars. We're not allowed to use off-road tyres, they've got to be summer tyres. You've got fiddle brakes in the middle of the car which allows you to pull a brake on for each wheel. So, that's quite different. / Each section or hill, you might describe it like that, is like a puzzle. You're allowed to look at it beforehand. You can stand there and spend some time working out how you're going to get the car from the 12 gate at the bottom up to the one gate at the top."