British Police Catch Lorry Driver Using Two Phones While Driving

Police in Somerset, England, caught a lorry driver using not one, but two mobile phones, one to each ear, as he drove along the M4 earlier in February.

Officers were using an unmarked heavy goods vehicle to pull up next to drivers get a look into their vehicles.

Police said they also found a speeding vehicle illegally towing a trailer on the M5 motorway, as well as another motorist holding a mobile phone while using his right little finger to steer on the M4.

Officers checked 409 drivers on roads across Avon and Somerset including the M5, M4 and A303. Of these, a quarter (104) were found to be committing driving offences, including 51 not wearing a seatbelt, and 11 illegally using a mobile phone.

Drivers caught using a mobile phone while driving face a £200 fine and six points on their license. Drivers caught without a seatbelt face on-the-spot fines of £100, or up to £500 if prosecuted, police said. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police via Storyful