British pensioner shocked by Portugal wildfire

STORY: When he returned a day later, his white house stood untouched but where there was once vegetation, there was ashes and his fruit trees burned down. The fire also destroyed the green grass of his tiny front garden.

"It is a shock to the system but nature has a way of coming back and I'm sure it will all return," Loadwick, 73, told Reuters on Friday (July 15) as he geared up to clean up his land to prevent fires reigniting.

With temperatures rising due to climate change, Loadwick, from Middlebrough in England, is scared fires will happen more often in the future: "You have to be on your guard," he said.

While temperatures dipped a little in Portugal, they were still expected to top 104 Fahrenheit in some places, with five districts on red alert for extreme weather and more than 1,000 firefighters tackling 12 wildfires, authorities said.

In Portugal, the highest temperature on Thursday (July 14) was recorded in the northern town of Pinhao at 116.6 F, just below the record.

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