British Grand Prix LIVE! F1 race result and updates as Lewis Hamilton wins at Silverstone

British Grand Prix LIVE! F1 race result and updates as Lewis Hamilton wins at Silverstone

British Grand Prix LIVE!

Seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton took his first Formula One victory in 945 days with a record ninth British Grand Prix win on Sunday.

The 39-year-old Mercedes driver's last win before Silverstone was in Saudi Arabia in Decmber 2021, and Sunday was a record-extending 104th of his career.

Red Bull's triple world champion Max Verstappen finished 1.4 seconds behind, extending his overall lead, and McLaren's Lando Norris was third. Mercedes' pole-sitter George Russell retired with a suspected water system issue.

British Grand Prix highlights

  • Lights out! Russell leads from pole position

  • Rain hits Silverstone as Norris takes lead

  • Russell retires due to water systems issue

  • Hamilton grabs lead off Norris as rain ends

  • Chequered flag! Hamilton claims ninth British GP win

Time for the podium

16:47 , Marc Mayo

‘God Save the King’ rings around Silverstone before the German national anthem for winning constructor Mercedes.

Then we have the champagne for Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris!

It’s been a fine weekend for British sport...

Here's Lewis Hamilton...

16:40 , Marc Mayo

“I’m still crying. Since 2021 every day I’ve got up to fight, train and work as hard as I can. This is my last race here with this team and I wanted to win it so much for them.

“To all the incredible fans, I could see lap by lap. There’s no greater feeling than to finish at the front here.

“It’s so tough but how you continue to dig deep is so important. There’s been days where I didn’t feel like I was good enough or that I’d get back. But I had great people around me.”

Max Verstappen gives his take

16:37 , Marc Mayo

“We just didn’t have the pace today, it didn’t look great and I was thinking fifth, sixth.

“We made the right calls, every time. To be on the hard instead of the soft helped me out, that’s why we finished second. It could have been worse, we’re happy with the podium.

“I didn’t want to take too many risks, tried to hang in there and it was tricky. When the sun came out it dried quickly but at one point you have to gamble on the slick, it worked out well.”

Lando Norris reacts first up


“First of all, congrats to Lewis. That crucial decision they did a better job on. It was tough, enjoyable and tricky conditions. You’re on a knife edge and risking a lot.

“A few too many let downs today and as a team we didn’t do good enough. But still good to be on the podium.

“I’m not making the right decisions, I blame myself today. I’m still going to enjoy it, so many positives.

“The one place I’d love for everything to go perfectly, it didn’t today.”

Silverstone celebrates

16:33 , Marc Mayo

Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton’s dad, Anthony, embrace the race winner before we hear his post-race interview.

Before that though, he heads out onto the grass to salute the crowd!

Along with Charles Leclerc’s win at Monaco, this is surely the most special victory of the F1 season.

Tears of joy for Lewis Hamilton


It’s been 56 races since Lewis Hamilton last won in F1, he’s never had to wait so long.

George Russell pats him on the head as he wipes the tears away before exiting his car.

 (Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)
(Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)

Victory for Lewis Hamilton

16:27 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton sounds like he’s speaking through tears of joy as he thanks Mercedes on team radio. Big fist pumps from the cockpit as Silverstone salutes its hero.

A marshall runs over to hand a British flag as he stops momentarily.


16:25 , Marc Mayo

Wild scenes of celebration at Silverstone! It’s a record NINTH win in the British Grand Prix for Lewis Hamilton!

Final lap!

16:25 , Marc Mayo

Huge roars from every part of Silverstone for Lewis Hamilton as he rides around one last time...

British Grand Prix | Lap 51/52

16:24 , Marc Mayo

Carlos Sainz has pitted for a go at taking the fastest lap point, which has been swapped between Oscar Piastri and Max Verstappen for a little while.

Verstappen needs a Lewis Hamilton mistake to win now, the Brit has 2.5 seconds on him as he starts the last lap!

British Grand Prix | Lap 50/52


Lap 50 begins with Lewis Hamilton 3.2 seconds clear of Max Verstappen.

It should... *should* be enough.

British Grand Prix | Lap 48/52

16:19 , Marc Mayo

The sun is shining on Silverstone now and on Max Verstappen as well, he has the pace to get Lando Norris with DRS behind him.

Towards Stowe, he goes down the outside and easily makes the move for second place!

British Grand Prix | Lap 48/52

16:18 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen is so nearly within DRS range of Lando Norris.

Down the Hangar Straight he breaks the 1-second barrier and you fancy he will be in overtaking territory very soon.

British Grand Prix | Lap 46/52

16:16 , Marc Mayo

No driver has ever won nine F1 races at a single track and Lewis Hamilton can do just that at Silverstone if he can hold out here.

As ever, he’d be a popular man here as the crowd went wild when he grabbed first place earlier.

Almost exactly 2 seconds from Hamilton to Lando Norris and the same from Norris to Max Verstappen. But a poor lap from Norris drops him back half a second! Game on for Red Bull...

British Grand Prix | Lap 45/52

16:14 , Marc Mayo

Red Bull reckon Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris’ front-left tyres are both degrading. But the gap to Norris is remaining determinedly above 2 seconds.

British Grand Prix | Lap 43/52

16:11 , Marc Mayo

Ten to go and it’s looking a tad ominous as Max Verstappen continues to make up time on the top two.

British Grand Prix | Lap 42/52


Right then, the chequered flag isn’t exactly imminent but it’s looming.

Lewis Hamilton has a 2.4 second lead over Lando Norris with Max Verstappen 3.1 back after clocking the fastest lap - he could yet win this if the hards prove the best tyre.

Oscar Piastri then nabs it back, from fourth and 10.7 seconds off the podium.

 (Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)
(Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)

British Grand Prix | Lap 40/52

16:06 , Marc Mayo

Here comes Lando Norris, McLaren ask if he wants soft tyres to fight Lewis Hamilton or mediums to fight Max Verstappen.

They’ve gone softs but a 4.5 second stop is too slow! Lewis Hamilton leads!

British Grand Prix | Lap 39/52

16:05 , Marc Mayo

Kevin Magnussen is first in for soft tyres as Lewis Hamilton darts in to pit... Lando Norris hasn’t!

A quick 2.9-second stop as he goes for softs. Max Verstappen also in for hards, and now Oscar Piastri.

How will it shake out when Norris pits?

British Grand Prix | Lap 38/52

16:03 , Marc Mayo

With 15 laps to go, here’s your top ten:

  1. Norris

  2. Hamilton

  3. Verstappen

  4. Sainz

  5. Piastri

  6. Hulkenberg

  7. Stroll

  8. Alonso

  9. Tsunoda

  10. Albon

British Grand Prix | Lap 37/52

16:01 , Marc Mayo

Sunshine and rain both gracing Silverstone right now in true British summer fashion.

Lewis Hamilton now 2 seconds off our race leader.

It might be time for dry tyres soon, whoever gets it right should win this race.

British Grand Prix | Lap 35/52

15:58 , Marc Mayo

Dreams of a repeat of yesterday’s all-British podium are over, then.

A water system issue is behind George Russell’s trip for an early shower.

Max Verstappen may be 6.7 seconds off Lewis Hamilton but his third place is secure with a 9.4 second lead on Carlos Sainz.

British Grand Prix | Lap 34/52

15:56 , Marc Mayo

It’s been a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it first hour of this British Grand Prix and we’re into the last 20 laps now.

Lando Norris is keeping Lewis Hamilton in check with a 3.4 second gap.

And drama for Mercedes as George Russell is having to retire!

British Grand Prix | Lap 32/52

15:52 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen has dropped off massively to 6.9 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton and he tells Red Bull team radio his tyres are degrading a lot.

Not every corner of the track is properly wet, which will scrub the grip off those ridged tyres pronto.

“There’s no rain anymore,” Hamilton tells his race engineer.

George Russell should be having the Dutchman for third place soon.

British Grand Prix | Lap 30/52

15:48 , Marc Mayo

“This is our time,” Mercedes tell Lewis Hamilton.

Current timesheet puts him 3.2 seconds off leader Lando Norris, with 4.2 back to Max Verstappen.

McLaren say rain to lap 40.

British Grand Prix | Lap 29/52


Max Verstappen is ahead of George Russell after the pit stops!

Disaster for Oscar Piastri, who will come out fifth and maybe sixth when he finally pits.

Intermediates are the only way to go now.

“Great call,” Red Bull tell Verstappen.

Piastri exits in sixth while Charles Leclerc is also in for fresh inters.

British Grand Prix | Lap 28/52

15:45 , Marc Mayo

Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen are the first of the top six to pit and the front four are struggling having stayed out!

Let’s see if Verstappen can catch up at all before the others pit.

Lando Norris comes in, Oscar Piastri stays out. Mercedes double stack.


British Grand Prix | Lap 27/52

15:43 , Marc Mayo

Oscar Piastri says it’s “too early” for intermediate tyres and the frontrunners all passed the pits just as the rain hit. By the time they come back around that could change.

Carlos Sainz, meanwhile, is hunting down Max Verstappen for fifth place - the Dutchman is 8.4 seconds off George Russell.

McLaren keep their drivers out there for now and Piastri is on Norris’ tail...

British Grand Prix | Lap 26/52

15:42 , Marc Mayo

Sergio Perez is so slow on the intermediates that he’s being lapped by the frontrunners. Ignominious for the Red Bull.

Charles Leclerc is also struggling as he drifts wide.

Oscar Piastri is 1.5 seconds off Lando Norris with 1.7 seconds back to Lewis Hamilton and George Russell a further 2.1 back.

But the rain is falling AGAIN now! DRS is off.

British Grand Prix | Lap 25/52

15:40 , Marc Mayo

DRS is back on as the track dries out again.

Worth noting that the fastest lap point is currently Lando Norris’ but times are dropping again. Once it starts raining for good, the battle for that honour should be finished.

British Grand Prix | Lap 23/52

15:38 , Marc Mayo

Looks like those quarter on intermediates are quickly regretting it...

The rain appears to have eased slightly - for now.

Esteban Ocon is already back on mediums.

British Grand Prix | Lap 21/52

15:35 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton says it’s too dry in parts of the track to swap to intermediate tyres but Charles Leclerc, Sergio Perez, Esteban Ocon and Zhou Guanyu have all switched.

British Grand Prix | Lap 20/52


Lando Norris into the lead!

The McLarens are doing much, much better than the Mercedes with medium tyres in the rain and Oscar Piastri now swoops into third.

He’ll have Lewis Hamilton next surely, with Norris long gone into the distance.

Easily done into Stowe and we have a McLaren 1-2!

British Grand Prix | Lap 19/52

15:32 , Marc Mayo

Both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell run wide in sector one!

Lando Norris takes advantage to grab second place.

DRS is switched off due to the rain and this race has been shaken up!

British Grand Prix | Lap 18/52

15:30 , Marc Mayo

Now Oscar Piastri cruises past Max Verstappen for fifth place at Stowe and the rain is coming harder now.

Red Bull tell him they want to try and push through this shower in the hope it ends soon.

Lewis Hamilton, meanwhile, is closing in on George Russell...

With DRS, into Stowe he takes the lead!

British Grand Prix | Lap 17/52

15:28 , Marc Mayo

The brollies are going up in the stands! Rain jackets on for the fans so let’s see which teams will pull their drivers in for wet tyres.

Don’t think the entire track is being hit yet.

British Grand Prix | Lap 16/52

15:27 , Marc Mayo

Lando Norris takes third place off Max Verstappen with a swift move down the inside into Stowe and Silverstone goes wild!

The Red Bull hardly tried to defend...

 (David Davies/PA Wire)
(David Davies/PA Wire)

British Grand Prix | Lap 15/52

15:25 , Marc Mayo

Lando Norris has kicked up a gear and hopped to within half a second of Max Verstappen, leaving Oscar Piastri behind.

Rain is officially landing on Silverstone now but it looks pretty light.

British Grand Prix | Lap 14/52

15:23 , Marc Mayo

Question for McLaren as Oscar Piastri is doing well up against Lando Norris, he’s consistently within DRS range. Can’t see them swapping their drivers, mind.

Carlos Sainz in sixth is 4.3 seconds back from the Aussie and Charles Leclerc takes seventh off Lance Stroll at Stowe.

We have our first pit stop! Zhou Guanyu goes for fresh medium tyres... unusual.

British Grand Prix | Lap 12/52

15:20 , Marc Mayo

It’s a matter of when, not if, the rain hits Silverstone.

Five minutes of rain, then ten minutes dry, then a proper long downpour says Red Bull team radio.

Max Verstappen 2.7 seconds off Lewis Hamilton, who is keeping his distance to George Russell.

British Grand Prix | Lap 9/52

15:17 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton pretty comfortably sat 1.7 seconds off George Russell, both of whom will be keeping a little in reserve right now with the longgame in mind.

Ferrari tells Charles Leclerc we’ll get ten minutes worth of rain in seven laps. Let’s see if that’s enough to force a change of strategy.

British Grand Prix | Lap 7/52

15:13 , Marc Mayo

Lance Stroll in seventh has the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc on his tail, as Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke watches on from the Scuderia garage.

We’ve lost Pierre Gasly, he’s retired after that issue on the formation lap.

British Grand Prix | Lap 6/52


Lap 16 now pinpointed by Red Bull as the rain prediction, according to a radio call to Max Verstappen.

The Dutchman is 1.5 seconds off Lewis Hamilton and hasn’t shaken Lando Norris from his tail, so either a lack of his typical pace or they’re sitting tight waiting for the drizzle.

No further investigation on Nico Hulkenberg.

British Grand Prix | Lap 4/52

15:09 , Marc Mayo

Alex Albon’s worries maybe explained by Logan Sargeant telling Williams team radio that a piece of his teammate’s body work came off. Replays show it was from contact with Fernando Alonso.

Stewards have noted Nico Hulkenberg potentially leaving the track and gaining an advantage. Can’t have been a very big one after dropping three places.

George Russell has built a 1.3 second lead over Lewis Hamilton with DRS open.

“Small shower might appear on lap six,” McLaren tell Lando Norris.


British Grand Prix | Lap 3/52

15:06 , Marc Mayo

A clean opening all told, Lewis Hamilton is holding onto the back of George Russell and Max Verstappen is around a second further behind ahead of DRS opening up.

Charles Leclerc already up to eighth, Nico Hulkenberg has dropped three places to ninth.

Alex Albon has also dropped out the top ten, to 12th.

British Grand Prix | Lap 1/52

15:04 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen grabs third place off Lando Norris as the McLaren gets out of shape fighting the Mercedes, who remain in order at the front.

British Grand Prix | Lights out!

15:03 , Marc Mayo

Wimbledon, England in the knockout rounds of the major football tournament, Silverstone... and the chance of rain!

If that doesn’t spell the English summer, what possibly can?!

A whopping 480,000 tickets have been sold for this weekend at Silverstone and every seat and perch is filled for this race.

George Russell is on pole position and Pierre Gasly drops into the pit lane from 20th place due to an issue.

Five lights out on... and out! We’re racing!

British Grand Prix | Formation lap

15:00 , Marc Mayo

Right so let’s get a look at the runners and riders, with Sergio Perez starting in the pit lane and Daniel Ricciardo making the grid after some late repairs to his RB.

Rain is on the forecast and downpours are seen in the distance from the helicopter.

The track has dried out enough for slicks for now, with mediums chosen by the top 13. Only Guanyu Zhou and Esteban Ocon have gone for softs with Sergio Perez on hards.

Tyre strategy

14:52 , Marc Mayo

We are about to find out if the teams think the track is dry enough to start on slick tyres so, if it is, let’s look at the ideal tyre strategy.

A one-stopper looks best but more rain is potentially on the way, so exactly how long it will take to get here will determine what compound of dry tyre is bolted on to take us to that point.

Time for the national anthem

14:47 , Marc Mayo

Silverstone rises for ‘God Save the King’ sung by none other than Hannah Waddingham.

Brad Pitt is in the house as F1 film trailer drops

14:43 , Marc Mayo

A good time for the F1 film trailer to go live, we’ve just had Brad Pitt - its star and producer - rock up at Silverstone.

Countdown to the British Grand Prix

14:39 , Marc Mayo

We have just 20 minutes left to wait for the British Grand Prix, with the Red Arrows having just flown past and the cars now on the grid for some final tinkering.


Issues for Daniel Ricciardo

14:35 , Marc Mayo

The Aussie’s RB reportedly suffered a major failure when they started up the car earlier on.

A new gearbox, energy recovery system, engine and turbo are all being fitted as the clock ticks down...

'Slippery' track, says George Russell

14:32 , Marc Mayo

“Quite strange,” is the assessment of George Russell on team radio as he undertakes his preparation laps.

No standing water but still quite “slippery” says the pole sitter.

Let’s see how that develops over the next 20 minutes or so before teams decide whether to go with wet or dry tyres.

The sun is now out!

14:21 , Marc Mayo

Scratch that previous weather report, the sun has now just burst through the clouds!

Intermediate tyres on for the pack as they head out around the track and they’ll hope to carve out a dry line to swap to slick tyres in time for the lights out.

The pit lane is open!


It’s pretty wet and windy at Silverstone as the green light gives the drivers their first chance of driving out the garage.

After a couple of laps to check their systems, they will form up on the grid for the final preparations.


Qualifying recap

14:10 , Marc Mayo

George Russell delivered for his home crowd by landing a brilliant pole position for the British Grand Prix.

The Englishman held his nerve in a wet-dry qualifying session at Silverstone to see off team-mate Lewis Hamilton by 0.171 seconds as Mercedes locked out the front row.

Read the full story!

Sergio Perez to start from the pit lane


Red Bull have pulled Sergio Perez from the grid after he had only managed to qualify 19th, taking the opportunity to implement new power unit and exhaust elements.

That means a pit-lane start for the Mexican.

'Realistic' George Russell expects major fight for victory

14:00 , Marc Mayo

Despite Mercedes locking out the front row of the British Grand Prix grid, George Russell doesn’t rank them as favourites for the win today.

"Realistically we know we're probably a tenth [of a second] or two behind Lando and Max, but I think we've got a good fight on our hands," he said after qualifying.

Lando Norris and Max Verstappen are third and fourth on the grid, respectively.

What tyres are available to each driver

13:30 , Marc Mayo

Everybody has at least one new set of the hard and medium compound tyres for today’s race, which should have an intermediate mixed in should the track remain wet.

Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc will hope their poor qualifying performances lead to their extra new soft tyres paying dividends should we get a sprint finish in the dry later on.

Lando Norris not just focused on Max Verstappen

13:15 , Marc Mayo

Having battled him for race wins in recent weeks, you could not blame Lando Norris for focusing his efforts on beating Max Verstappen today.

But having qualified third, ahead of the fourth-placed Dutchman, he is adamant not to lose sight of the two Mercedes in front.

"I'm sure Max is going to be racing us tomorrow, but I've still got two other guys I've got to worry about, so I don't care just about Red Bull," Norris said.

"I think our strategy has been very good over the last two months, so I'm happy. The team are doing a good job and therefore I’m confident we can execute a good race."

"It's going to rain again tomorrow, so I'm excited.

"It's going to be a good race. We're quick. I can bring the fight to George and I can bring the fight to Lewis, so excited to put on a good show tomorrow.

"I hope we're going to have some good battles, so I look forward to it."

Celebs touch down in Silverstone

12:59 , Marc Mayo

An abundance of famous faces in the paddock today including actor Rowan Atkinson, Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay and Queen’s Brian May.

From a sporting perspective, former England rugby captain Owen Farrell has been spotted as have Mo Farah, Reece James, Denise Lewis, Tommy Fleetwood, Lionesses duo Leah Williamson and Mary Earps, Stuart Broad and his wife Mollie King, plus a quartet of Leeds United players (their club is now partly-owned by Red Bull).

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Countdown to the British Grand Prix

12:49 , Marc Mayo

We are two hours away from lights out at Silverstone so it’s time for the drivers’ parade, which you can tune into live below.

Coming up later on will be a Red Arrows’ flypast before the national anthem.

George Russell ecstatic to be on pole position

12:45 , Marc Mayo

George Russell hailed the best Saturday of his life after leading Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris in a stunning British one-two-three in qualifying at Silverstone.

Fifty-six years have passed since three Britons started a Formula One race from the front of field. On New Year's Day in 1968, Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Sir Jackie Stewart occupied the top three grid spots for the South African Grand Prix.

The last time three British drivers began their home race at the front was six years previously at Aintree, when Clark started ahead of John Surtees and Innes Ireland.

"This is definitely one of the best feelings I've ever had on a Saturday afternoon," said a jubilant Russell.

"The car was just insane, and without doubt one of the best feelings I've ever had on this circuit. Crossing the line and seeing my name in first place was just amazing.

"There's no guarantees for tomorrow but we really feel like we're riding this wave at the moment.

"The crowd gave us so much energy, and I don't think Silverstone could've dreamt of having three Brits in the top three."

 (David Davies/PA Wire)
(David Davies/PA Wire)

Drivers arrive in the paddock

12:30 , Marc Mayo

Charles Leclerc indulges in a ‘bring your dog to work day’ with pup Leo joining him at the track today.

Lewis Hamilton among the others clocking in.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Weather forecast

12:20 , Marc Mayo

There is more than a 50 per cent chance of rain hitting during the race, and it could come and go meaning strategy will be tested to the full.

There is rain in the air now and the most likely scenario is that we start on a wet track which dries out during the race.

Temperatures and winds should be mild.

The starting grid

12:11 , Marc Mayo

  1. George Russell - Mercedes

  2. Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes

  3. Lando Norris - McLaren

  4. Max Verstappen - Red Bull

  5. Oscar Piastri - McLaren

  6. Nico Hulkenberg - Haas

  7. Carlos Sainz - Ferrari

  8. Lance Stroll - Aston Martin

  9. Alex Albon - Williams

  10. Fernando Alonso - Aston Martin

  11. Charles Leclerc - Ferrari

  12. Logan Sargeant - Williams

  13. Yuki Tsunoda - RB

  14. Zhou Guanyu - Sauber

  15. Daniel Ricciardo - RB

  16. Valtteri Bottas - Sauber

  17. Kevin Magnussen - Haas

  18. Esteban Ocon - Alpine

  19. Sergio Perez - Red Bull

  20. Pierre Gasly - Alpine

How to watch the British Grand Prix

12:04 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: In the UK, the British Grand Prix will be shown live on free-to-air network Channel 4 as well as Sky Sports.

Live stream: Sky subscribers can watch online via the Sky Go app with a free stream also available via the Channel 4 website and app.

British Grand Prix LIVE!

11:56 , Marc Mayo

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s coverage of the British Grand Prix!

This race marks the 12th of the 2024 F1 season and the halfway stage as a triple-header across Europe wraps up.

George Russell swept to victory in Austria last time out after Lando Norris and Max Verstappen’s tangle, and it is the Mercedes on pole position today ahead of teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Rain is in the forecast too so stay tuned for all the latest build-up, weather updates, race action and reaction from Silverstone, with lights out pencilled in for 3pm BST!

 (Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)
(Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)