British bakery pays tribute to Queen and King

STORY: This bakery is stenciling messages on bread

to pay tribute to the queen and new king

Locator: Little Chalfont, England

The organic sourdough bread is

made in a family-run bakery

with a shop near Windsor Castle

(Glenn Stephens, Bakery owner)

"We've put 'Long live King Charles III' and we've put ‘Rest in Peace your Majesty' so we've tried to show our empathy with the unfortunate event and also focus on our new monarch."

"...we're not looking to sell them. We sell lots and lots of bread - smaller loaves that are more practical for people - and these are really just about putting a message across for people to see."

Customers say they appreciate the gesture

“I think it’s a very nice honor to the queen especially in Windsor which is one of her favorite places. I think it’s a really nice tribute.”