British-American actor Adam Bond free from Covid-19 virus, grateful to Malaysian medical frontliners

Anne Grace Savitha
Adam Bond, delighted to be discharged from hospital, bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate his recovery from the Covid-19 virus. — Picture courtesy of Adam Bond.

PETALING JAYA, April 8 — British-American actor Adam Bond was discharged from Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) last night after tests confirmed that he is now free from Covid-19.

He is now self-isolating for the next two weeks at a hotel nearby before planning to head home to Colorado.

The theatre director whose film credits include minor roles in Legally Blonde Harvard Law School Graduate,The Dark Knight and National Treasure: Book of Secrets had flown from London, before testing positive for Covid-19 on March 17 - just after four days of arriving in Malaysia.



“This is my first time visiting Malaysia to meet a few friends here in a film production, and they insisted that I take the Covid-19 test as I had flown in from London."

Bond, who  has also been documenting his road to recovery over social media.

“The first day of quarantine was so difficult and lonely as I was not allowed to do anything, but once I was able to talk to my family and friends via video calls, it felt much better.

“I am also thankful to the Malaysians who helped me purchase mobile data so that I could call my family and connect to the world through social media,” he told Malay Mail.

He expressed his gratefulness to the doctors, nurses and specialists as he has been treated with utmost kindness by them throughout his stay at the hospital.

“Although the health personnel are overwhelmed with a lot of patients, they are doing their best to make us feel comfortable to get us through this.”

Out of the hospital and into a hotel for self-isolation for the next two weeks. — Picture courtesy of Adam Bond.

Once he is able to fly back home to Colorado, he said the first thing he wanted to do was to hug his family members and have a family feast with them.

"My family - we're very close - and when my niece received the news that I was tested negative for Covid-19 yesterday, she burst out crying as she was so happy."

Bond also told Malay Mail that his journey of being a Covid-19 patient to recovering has inspired him to donate his plasma and antibodies in the US.



Bond also said he has a number of movie productions in the pipeline this year, including  the film, Glow and Darkness and other movie projects in Spain and Morocco.

“Having these productions ready to resume once the pandemic heals sometime in May inspires me to keep being healthy and to be focused on the future.”

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