British Airways suspend two staff for 'fat shaming' 15-stone stewardess in WhatsApp group

BA has said it investigates all allegatrions of bullying  (PA)
BA has said it investigates all allegatrions of bullying (PA)

Two British Airways crew members have been suspended after allegedly mocking a colleague's weight in a private messaging group.

The pair are said to have made cruel jibes about a 15-stone stewardess behind her back in a WhatsApp chat she was not part of. Their comments were brought to the attention of BA bosses by a shocked workmate.

The Sun reports that the messages, which have not been independently verified, targeted the 95kg cabin crew member in a series of "merciless" exchanges.

British Airways has reportedly removed the two staff members accused of bullying from duties while the airline conducts its investigation into the matter.

A statement read: “We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying and always fully investigate any allegations brought to our attention."

Cabin crew have a starting salary of around £20,500 (PA)
Cabin crew have a starting salary of around £20,500 (PA)

A cabin crew role involves many manual tasks, including reaching overhead lockers and opening aircraft doors.

BA says that all staff need to be of a required height and be able to reach at least 2.01m.

There is nothing to suggest that there is a maximum weight limit for crew as long as they can perform all the tasks.

“In order to be able to meet the reach requirement you likely need to be at least 1.575m in height,” a statement on the company website says.

“We will measure your diagonal reach, as this is used to manually release an evacuation slide in an emergency.

“You’ll be asked to hold a handle with your right hand and reach down to touch a tag on the floor with your left. Your right arm will be at about 2 o’clock and your left arm at around 7 o’clock. You’ll squat a little to do this, so ensure your clothes allow you room to bend.”