British Airways: let vaccinated people travel

British Airways' new boss says anyone who's been vaccinated should be allowed unrestricted travel.

Sean Doyle was speaking as the UK government finalizes its next move.

Under current plans the country won't allow holidays until May 17 at the earliest.

But on April 12 it will announce how and when nonessential travel can resume.

Doyle says governments should work together to allow vaccines and health apps to open up travel.

He says those who haven't been vaccinated should be free to travel with a negative test.

BA wants government backing for apps that can show a person's negative test status.

It says current paperwork won't work if large numbers of people start flying again.

Doyle wouldn't predict how strong summer travel demand would be.

But he says the vaccine rollout makes him optimistic.

Budget rival Ryanair says it hopes to fly up to 70% of 2019 passenger numbers over the holiday season.