Britain's Royal Mint unveils its largest ever coin

Britain's Royal Mint has unveiled its largest ever coin

in its 1,100 year history

It weighs 22lbs

measures 7.9 inches in diameter

and took over 400 hours to produce

It's the concluding piece of the Queen's Beasts commemorative coin collection

SENIOR TECHNICAL MANAGER AT THE ROYAL MINT, PAUL MORGAN, SAYING: "The Queen's Beasts completed 10 kilogram coin is truly a unique piece, it combines both the traditional artisan skills, and also state of the art technical processes. And without blending these together we would not have been able to produce a coin of this type. It has used all our craft skills, hundreds of hours of craft skills and also hundreds of hours of laser time, and of the state of the art equipment to produce something of this size and this beauty."