Britain honors World War Two VE Day anniversary

Britons stood in silence on Friday (May 8) to mark the 75th anniversary of "Victory in Europe" Day - commemorating the end of World War Two on the continent.

Although lockdown measures did prevent some remembrance events taking place, millions around the nation observed a two-minute silence.

Royal Prince Charles' was held outside his family's Balmoral estate, while military jets flew over the United Kingdom's four capitals.

Queen Elizabeth was also set to address the nation later that day, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson commended - quote - the "heroism of countless ordinary people" in his online tribute to the millions who fought and lived through the war.

The original plans for extensive events to herald VE Day, when allied forces accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, were scaled back after the government banned social gatherings from March.

A veterans' procession and other events involving crowds were scrapped.

But flags and banners still fluttered - and some hosted 1940s-style tea parties and singalongs at their homes.

Elsewhere in Europe, Chancellor Angela Merkel led a wreath laying ceremony at Germany's central war memorial, which honors the victims of war and dictatorship.

French President Emmanuel Macron also led a simple ceremony - at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.