Britain already experiencing the effects of climate change

Britain is already experiencing the effects of climate change with increased rainfall, sunshine and temperatures, according to scientists. 2020 was the third hottest, fifth wettest and eight sunniest year on record according to the Met Office’s annual ‘State of the UK Climate’ report. Leading meteorologists also warn the UK to hit 40C on a regular basis in the summer. Despite attempts to limit global warning. Britain has already seen a rise in extreme weather in recent years. The UK saw blizzards and severe cold weather in 2018, dubbed the “Beast from the East” it lasted 10 days and saw temperatures plumet to -30C. Thousands of schools were closed across the country and hospital operations were cancelled. Storm Ciara hit the UK in February 2020, with rain and gusts of wind up to 100mph causing electricity outages, flooding and travel chaos across the country. London and Southern England were recently hit with torrential downpour in July 2021 followed by soaring temperatures of 31C.

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