Britain reimposes sanctions on two former Rosneft board members

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LONDON (Reuters) - The British government said on Tuesday it had reimposed sanctions on two former board members of oil company Rosneft, Didier Casimiro and Zeljko Runje.

The British sanction list said both were now subject to an asset freeze for "obtaining a benefit from or supporting the government of Russia by working as a manager of a government of Russia-affiliated entity".

The two had been included in an initial wave of sanctions announced in March under rules that allowed Britain to temporarily apply the same sanctions as those imposed by allies while British officials gathered their own evidence.

The two men were removed from the sanctions list in July when that time-limited justification expired.

The sanctions were reimposed on Tuesday after Britain decided it had sufficient evidence to list them under their own legal criteria.

(Reporting by Kylie MacLellan and Farouq Suleiman; editing by William James and David Milliken)

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